Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Easter Break a bit early

After awaking a bit late to a yummy feast of french toast- (yeah-- Daddy's home!) and watching the praying manits egg doing absolutely nothing, I had to step away and assess the morning. The children watched Charlotte's Web last evening, and upon waking this morning, Elizabeth IS NOT Elizabeth! She is NOT a girl-- 'Mommy I'm a HORSE!' Black Beauty to be exact- how that goes along with Charlotte's Web, I haven't a clue~ This is all complete with sound effects, of course! Jacob has decided he is a jockey and is riding Elisha's zebra- thank goodness Elisha is on an outing with PapPap- that one wouldn't go over all that well. And as I sit down to blog a bit, Daddy comes flying around the corner on his hands and knees-- The Stallion has arrived-----my assessment is now over. I'm thinking it's a perfect day to declare an Early Easter Break! I can just tell that not a whole lot would be accomplished today :) There is always tomorrow..........
So-- off to a 'week before' the big wedding 'crash workout'!

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