Thursday, April 19, 2007

Flightless fruitflies and DUDLEY

As I was observing Monty (I do think we will now change his name to DUDLEY-- thanks Lauri!) the pet praying mantis to be-- I also observed the flightless fruitflies purchased from the biochemical/medical supply company, and THEY are multipyling like crazy! (NOT appetizing AT all!) Sure am glad we purchased them, and they arrived TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE STUPID THING HATCHED--- IF IT EVER DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On a happier note-- had a great day with our Chinese adopting friends-- their baby is absolutely adorable-- almost rekindles that infant mothering instinct-- almost :)
AND-- we now have 4-- YES FOUR bright sunshines on the weather predictions AND temps in the 70's--- I'm tellin ya- I was meant to live on a beach (with a second home FAR away when the hurricanes come of course:) -pocket change I tell ya-- pocket change!

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