Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Too much STUFF!

As Mark and I (and our little helpers) have spent the previous 2 days cleaning out his Grandmother's house (she will be unable to return to her home here), it is amazing to me just how much STUFF the average American has. (me included!) Do we REALLY NEED 10 truckloads of bags full of nick-nacks and what-nots? Do we REALLY NEED 3 different sets of china (again- me included)? How about 3 garbage bags of shoes???? Nine boxes of tupperware??? It is no wonder that most countries view us Americans as a greedy, lazy, gluttonous nation.
Well, time to get dinner ready using my every-day set of common China with the basic silverware set, of course. Enough serious stuff for me for awhile :) ~have a great night all!
PS--- Monty has done NOTHING yet!!!!! Maybe it's a dud egg sack?!?!?

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