Friday, April 20, 2007

Green Belts!!

We passed-- blue belts out, green belts in-- yeah!! Half-way, but a LONG way to black!
We also have PapPap's bike verdict-- "it's not worth it, there's nothing to prove, so no new or old bike for now"-- (I think I'm deep down pretty happy about that decision, but shhhh don't tell:) Maybe next year- we'll see. OK-- now let's focus on that house addition!!!! Right PapPap??
I'm heading to bed-- the karate test was late and took a lot out of us- we're just plain pooped! Love ya all!

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Carrie said...

Congratulations!! I bet you had to work your butt off for that thing----much more brave and dedicated than I'd ever be.

Glad to hear that Pap Pap will be around in one piece for a little while longer.

I'm sure you guys have room for one more baby ;) I can give you hand me downs too!

Can't wait to get the kids together again.