Saturday, April 14, 2007


Wedding went great- off without a hitch- unless you count little incidents such as: the boys walking down too early, then returning and going back again, Lydia leaving without Elizabeth and Elizabeth yelling 'Lydia- you wait for me!', Elizabeth walking down, now with Lydia, then yelling 'Hey PapPap!'-- but that's what makes a wedding! I told Mom that we should have worn jeans- eveyone's eyes will be on the little ones anyway! The bride and groom looked great as well- have to change honeymoon plans- they were headed to the Northeast, but with the snowstorm don't know where they're headed now. I have pre-wedding picts- the 'formal' ones will come in the next weeks. Interesting tidbit- the girls' hair stylist had a black eye- she was hit with a foul ball at the Pirate Home Opener- 1 in a 39,000 chance- should have played the lotto that day. Check out my live spaces site for picts- address in previous blogs-- Good night!!!!! I'm pooped!!!

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